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Status report: Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec updates for spring 2018

By Aaron Sumner, April 21, 2018. File under: , .

As you may have seen on social media or GitHub, I’ve been working on addressing feedback provided by the wonderful team who translate Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec to Japanese readers. I thank them for their help in making the book useful to all readers.

It’s been a slower process than usual, due to a recent death in my immediate family, and preparation for my upcoming move of roughly 2,000 miles from Kansas to Oregon. Do I know anyone in or around Astoria? What tech events should I start checking out in the Pacific Northwest?

Anyway, the rest of my family is already in our new home–including our five cats, who spent more than two days in a van with a professional pet mover (I recently learned there are professional pet movers). I spend pretty much all of my time right now packing and getting our old house ready to sell. I’ve not had time to address all the suggestions made on GitHub, but if you look at ones tagged pending release, you can see ones that have been addressed.

I’ll get through the remaining issues, though, and release an update when I’m done. I’m still really happy with this edition of the book, and the concepts I wrote in for last year still apply to the current Rails testing landscape.

As usual, this will be a free update to all readers. People who purchase through Leanpub will get the updates first, then I’ll figure out how to update the book on Amazon.

Thanks for your patience! And remember, if you notice something confusing, outdated, or incorrect in the book, the best thing to do is check the known issues on the sample source’s GitHub project, and open a new one if necessary. That not only helps me, it helps other readers who may have the same confusion. And a lot of times, another reader may be able to answer questions before I’m able to get to it.

Thanks again, and I look forward to my next post here coming to you from Astoria!


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