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Status report: Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec for RSpec 3.5 and Rails 5

By Aaron Sumner, February 20, 2017. File under: , .

Hello friends, I wanted to give you a brief update on my progress updating Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec for RSpec 3.5 and Rails 5. When I announced the updates in December, I estimated that I’d have a rough version ready for download by mid-February. Unfortunately, I’m behind on that schedule, but I think the book and I are both better off for the slower pace.

The biggest reason for the delay is I’ve been rewriting more content from scratch than I originally planned. Throughout the process, I’ve been carefully evaluating each section. Is it still relevant? Is it still something I use in my own tests on a regular basis? Is there a better way to explain it?

As a result, I’ve added some new material, heavily altered some, and completely removed some concepts from the book. The chapter on Factory Girl was a total rewrite. The three chapters on controller testing have been collapsed into one, with a focus on where controller specs are still relevant in Rails 5. And chapters like the one on feature testing are a mix of old concepts and new.

There’s still a lot to do, but I’m happy with what’s been finished so far. I work on it every day, though as with many writing and coding projects, some of those days are less typing and more research and thinking. My new goal is to have something to share with you around the time of Railsconf. I know that’s a couple of months later than planned, but it’s turning out to be more realistic.

As a reminder, this release will still be a free upgrade for everyone. Whether you bought it five years ago or five minutes ago, you’ll be able to download the new version from Leanpub when it’s available. For the early adopters, I hope you’ll appreciate my slightly opinionated take on testing Rails apps in 2017. For new readers, I’m confident that Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec is still the best way to get up and running with tests in your own apps.

Thanks again for your support and patience. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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