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Testing with RSpec for Rails 4 is done

By Aaron Sumner, August 21, 2013. File under: , .

As I type this, Leanpub’s robots are busily formatting Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec into PDF, EPUB and MOBI for your digital reading convenience. Below are my release notes, sent to many of you already by email:

Hi everyone, I’ve just released a final update for the new, Rails 4.0-based edition of Everyday Rails with RSpec. I did a round of editing on chapters 6 through 12, and updated the stubbing examples in chapter 9 to use RSpec’s new allow() syntax.

Please report errata!

I’m not planning on any more major updates to the book, at least not for awhile. However, if you find issues or just have a question or suggestion, please report them in the sample project’s issues tracker on GitHub. That way other readers can benefit from your report, and I can release minor updates as needed.

A few people have shown interest in a printed copy of the book. My next step is to look into on-demand printing options that (1) won’t require me to sign over rights to the work; and (2) aren’t seen as competitors with my employer. If you have suggestions please let me know.

Thanks again to all of you who’ve supported this project over the last 16 months! The book has come a long way since the initial handful of chapters I first released in early May, 2012. I’m looking forward to taking a little break from writing about testing and RSpec so I can focus on other aspects of Rails and software development.

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