August 2012 updates for Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec

August 03, 2012 ,

For anyone who either doesn’t subscribe to updates from Leanpub, or is still on the fence about buying my book about learning Rails testing through RSpec, I just wanted to pass along that I pushed an update this evening with the following updates:

  • Added the change log back to the book.
  • Replaced usage of == to eq throughout the book to mirror best practice in RSpec expectations.
  • Added clarification that you need to re-clone your development database to test every time you make a database change (chapter 3).
  • Added a note on the great factory debate of 2012 (chapter 3).
  • Added a section about the new RSpec expect() syntax (chapter 3).
  • Fixed incomplete specs for the #edit method (chapter 5).
  • Added an example of testing a non-CRUD method in a controller (chapter 5).
  • Added tips on testing non-HTML output (chapter 5).
  • Fixed a typo in the :message factory (chapter 5).
  • Fixed typo in spelling of transactions (chapter 8).
  • Added a simple technique for testing Rake tasks (chapter 10).

In addition, Leanpub is now accepting credit card transactions–so those of you who in the past couldn’t use PayPal can now buy a copy. Still only nine American bucks.

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